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 Personal Training
 In addition to the  group sessions we also offer personal training in Pilates & Yoga or a combination of the two. These sessions offer you a tailored made program specific to your needs. They are particularly beneficial for those recovering from injuries or suffering from muscle imbalances & for anyone wanting to improve there sporting performance. In addition if you are new to Pilates & are unable to attend a group beginners sessions you can learn the basics at a time that is convenient for you.

 Session can be done on a one on one basis, or if you would like to train with a friend or a partner we also offer sessions for two participants with one instructor.  
These sessions can be done in your home, at 
Pavilion Health Club or the Vera Fletcher Hall 

£42 single session
£216 course of six 

For more info on Personal Training    
Please contact:
Tel: 07971194948